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Gwalior Smart City Development Corporation Limited

Gwalior stood 9th in the second round of Smart Cities announced by Government of India on 20th September 2016. Gwalior Smart City Development Corporation Limited (GSCDCL), a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) was established on 25th October 2017 for execution of the Smart City Proposal (SCP). The vision of this mission is to comprehensively transform Gwalior through promotion of heritage and cultural assets, to create new economic opportunities, and reinforce its strengths in Education, Health and Trade.


The major focus areas identified in the SCP for the mission period of 5 years after carrying out the SWOT analysis of the city and extensive citizen consultations are:


  1. City Identity and Culture

  • Increase tourist arrivals to One Million by the year 2020 through tourism packages, improving tourist-circuit linkages and tourism infrastructure for strengthening Gwalior’s identity as the cultural capital of Madhya Pradesh.


  1. Connected and Accessible City

  • Create Fast, Safe, Affordable and Lucrative urban mass transit with a capacity to cater to 50% of the future traffic demand in next 10 Years.
  • Use clean mobility options with emphasis on walking and Non-Motorized Transport (NMT) by pursuing Transit Oriented Development (TOD).


  1. Resilient Urban Ecosystem

  • Map the diverse housing demand by supplying 25,000 affordable and sustainable housing by the year 2020 to meet Housing for all shelter needs.
  • Increase Per-Capita Developed Open Space to 10 Sq.m. per-person to meet the URDPFI Guideline standards by 2020 and restore natural ecosystems like rivers and ponds.
  • Ensure higher level of Sanitation by attaining 100% Segregation at source and Zero Open Defecation by the year 2020.
  • Meet at least 10% of the city’s total power demand through renewable source by the year 2020 under the Solar City Initiative.


  1. Collaborative Growth

  • Fostering inclusive economy by leveraging local talent and economic potentials of the region to create additional 1 Lakh employments in the city.
  • To fall among the Top 10 Cities in India for Ease of Doing Business by next decade by creating a progressive environment for local traders, businesses and Start-up Initiatives.


  1. Efficient Urban Infrastructure

  • Ensure 100% coverage of 24*7 Water Supply and Electric Supply by 2020.
  • Mitigate Digital Divide and Ensure Last-Mile Cyber Connectivity.
  • Promote Gwalior as an education hub by creation of knowledge parks and incubation centers.
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