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Gwalior Smart City Proposal (SCP) has been selected by the Government of India (GoI) under Smart City Mission (SCM) in the second round of smart cities challenge wherein Gwalior secured 9th position.

The Area Based Development (ABD) proposal spreads across a total area of 803 acres, having a population of 1.02 Lakhs which is almost 8.8% of the total population of Gwalior city. The 771 acres, earmarked area is proposed to be retrofitted with smart features/infrastructure wherein out of total proposed area, 32 acres of land will be redeveloped with zonal/layout/building level smart features/infrastructure in accordance with SCP and SCM guidelines.

The PAN city proposal is divided into thirteen projects packaged into three modules namely Intelligent Operations and Control Unit, Urban Transit Module and Waste Management Module. Intelligent Operations and Control Unit intents to set up a 24X7 Intelligent Operation Control Unit (IOCU) for real time operation, management and control of various urban services supported by a city wide optical fibre network. Smart and efficient Public transport (replacing the old polluting diesel tempos) that will cater to the city’s mobility needs in an environmentally sustainable manner. Waste Management will be enriched by RFID/GPS application on bins, collection and transportation vehicles.

For the purpose of implementing the Smart Cities project, Gwalior Smart City Development Corporation Limited (GSCDCL) (the “Authority”), a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for Gwalior Smart City Project has been incorporated as a public limited company, under the Indian Companies Act, 2013. District Collector is Chairman and Municipal Commissioner is Executive Director of the Company. GSCDCL has received funds from Government of India and Government of Madhya Pradesh (GoMP) for the development of Gwalior as smart city. GSCDCL intends to apply part of this fund for the said consultancy services. Pursuant to above, GSCDCL invites eligible consulting entities to provide consultancy services for planning, design and implementation of smart city projects of Gwalior city.

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