Evolution is an attribute of nature. Everything is in a ‘changing mode’ and so is Gwalior. The city is now in a phase of transition; one of the characteristics of the phase of transition is that it presents an amalgamation of elements of the dwindling past on the one hand and the surging structures of modernity on the other. What makes Gwalior unique as a ‘Smart City’ is that it draws on its past glory and is ready to embrace the necessary advancement which gives the city a brand identity in the modern world.
To preserve its splendid heritage, to develop it as a prospering centre in North India to attract millions of tourists and, at the same time, equip it with ultra-modern amenities and smart solutions is the task that Gwalior Smart City Development Corporation Ltd. has been entrusted with. This task is challenging, and yet we have to carry it out, based on our available resources and growing needs.

Neetu Mathur IAS, CEO – GSCDCL

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